More in regards to Talent Searches...

If you can stand it here is one more tidbit.. if an agency or Company insists that you get photos or comp cards (or even classes or portfolios) done with them as a condition of membership - RUN. You should always be able to choose who does your photos. It within the agency's rights to approve or disapprove your photos as some photos may not be right but you should have the right to get photos done by whomever you like. We provide our talent with a comprehensive list of photogs who know how to shoot the kind of work we need and we make NOTHING from these shoots.
One of the complaints I read about in regards to some of these scouting companies was that none of the models that already had comps, photos and portfolios were selected. They only selected people with no photos. Why wouldn't you want people with photos and experience? We prefer those people! RED FLAG!!


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