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Bangladeshi model Badhon win Lux super star crown in 2006. She was second runner up. Bd model Badhon is going to be detective character acting for TV drama. Badhon say in my childhood I read many detective story books. Badhon talk like as mysterious this is her habit. She lives in Dhaka. Badhon agree marriage with a business man. 8th September Badhon did wedding. Marriage time Bd model Badhon dress was red color. Her husband name is Sonnet. He is a business man. They arrange marriage celebration in Radisson hotel Dhaka, Bangladesh. After marriage Badhon and she husband went in Nepal for honeymoon tour. At present time Bd actress Badhon is less present in acting spot. She is trying to complete TV serial drama because she is medical dentist besides a model. Some days ago she completes dentist study from a private medical university. Badhon say she will acting by selecting story. From childhood Bangladeshi model Badhon was practice acting. She knows some dance from childhood. She is like acting and traveling. Badhon model work is soap ad, Lux etc. She is looking cute. Her major TV drama is Rong, Mayati Dhaka Jassia, Dujone, Choitya pagol etc. Furthermore Lux super star Badhon is performing a lovely movie. Badhon movie name is Nijoom Arronno director by Mosfikur Rahman. This movie shooting continued two years and movie presentation in star Cineplex Bangladesh. Badhon say that movie shooting location was Cittagong, Kapti, Rangamati, Gazipur and Dhaka. I can not forget my movie shooting memory I really enjoy my film performing say Bd model Badhon.

Bangladeshi Model Badhon

Bangladeshi Model Badhon photo

Bangladeshi Model Badhon pic

Bangladeshi Model Badhon picture

Bangladeshi Badhon


Bangladeshi Model Badhon with flower

Bangladeshi Model Badhon smile

Bd Model Badhon

Bangladeshi Model Badhon

Bangladeshi Model Badhon real face

Bangladeshi Model Badhon on roof

Bangladeshi Model Badhon in pink dress

Bangladeshi Model Badhon pic

Bangladeshi Model Badhon photo

Lux Super Star Badhon

Bangladeshi Lux Super Star Badhon


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