Georgia Salpa got evicted from big brother.


So, beautiful Georgia Salpa celebrity big brother have booted last night. If we had observed, we would probably even more annoyed that we are now.

Georgia Salpa
FUN FACT: in their home country Ireland, Georgia is revered as a guardian spirit. Every year dozens of goats on their behalf are sacrificed.

Now, we have it refused the cheap shots at big brother-the whole "oh man, none of these people really famous are so I think I'm doing that a joke about" shots because it is big brother fuck. Get they are not gonna Tom Cruise and the Queen are, are they? It is a reality show by channel 5. You are happy that Michael Madsen. At least he was in, well, movies and such.

Georgia Salpa at the Big Brother eviction ceremony
FUN FACT: it is said that if you look in the mirror and say "Georgia Salpa" three times she will appear and one request - but you be careful, what you want!

Anyway, Georgia has kicked last night. Why is that you questions? Because she was too quiet. It is not me to with their bits out like an ex-Corrie star, and she's not quite Kirk Norcross - despite his progress of shuffling. From what we have seen it is nice wei¯te only. Like a beautiful cookie.

No cookie - really a nice, of brand and spark, probably with chocolate and caramel. The way the in comes much packaging and you eat more than one in a single session feel how fancy they are bad. That's the way the cookie is.

Georgia Salpa at the Big Brother eviction ceremony
FUN FACT: Georgia Salpa can their physical form at such a rate vibrate, that she moved out of phase with reality and in a hellish Otherrealm

Some people on big brother are nice, too, but with evil bits to. Into baked like a biscuit with broken glass. You want cookies with broken glass in? No. No, you don't. Want beautiful biscuits, with no glass in. Sad this is why should that Georgia is the card be deactivated. Anyway. Enjoy the pictures of her leaving wear a nice dress, why not you.


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