day 524 | october 30, 2011 | little eve - singapore baby and family photography


good morning! a few days after our belly shoot, i came back to visit D and O to meet a fresh-out-of-the-oven, tiny little eve. she's a hungry one, so her happy/content time was really precious. one thing i particularly liked about this set is how hands-on daddy is. mommy's still on recovery mode, and it was nice to see a supportive dad who is confident in handling the little one.
 i still wonder what little ones dream about. probably floating in a river of milk. =)
i'm not sure if it's just me, but i find it really cute watching little ones turn red all over when they give that full-bodied cry. daddy and mommy attempt to soothe little E by comforting coos. =) but she's serious about getting her milk asap. =)
 a smiley shot after she's had enough milk (for now)... =)
congrats D and O! many adventures ahead! =)


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