day 521 | september 23, 2011 | micaela and jonathan - singapore wedding photography


finally sharing the images from this set. =) lots of cool personalized details from this celebration so do pardon the heavy post. the bride, M, is simple but tasteful in her preferences. love the quiet elegance of her viviangown dress, and happily understated yellow flats!
 i found it funny that the bride knew how to tie a tie better than the groom. =)
candy-colored DIY decor in the restaurant. the poster and stationeries were designed by the bride. weiwei of chere weddings helped her put the look and feel together.
J's family were in australia so they set aside some time to get everyone on skype before the ceremony started. =)
 plenty of pretty details and hearty moments during their intimate lunch. =)
they had a polaroid photobooth on site which was successfully executed. i've seen many photobooths which didn't really lift off, and i think the key difference is that M and J were really into it too, so their exhuberant energy rubbed off on their guests. =)
 quiet moments at the end of the celebration...
 and a sneakaway shot with melvin of renatus. do check out his video of M+J's celebration here.


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