Hair-Free 4-6 weeks with Emjoi Opttimini & Remington silky smooth Epilators!

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No More Shaving!
Silky Smooth skin 4-6 weeks!
Removes unwanted hair on:
Arms . Legs . Armpit . Bikini Line
up to 6 weeks!

Option #1: Remington Silky Smooth epilator
15 tweezer heads
Remington Smooth Silky EP 5000 Epilator (From UK)

Review by 3rd party users:

Product info:

• BodyCurve System (slim rounded head and curved tweezer barrel)
• 15 tweezers catch hairs as short as 0.5 millimetres
• Two speeds with slower option for sensitive areas
• Up to 60 minutes cordless usage time
• Comes with foil shaving head, exfoliating glove, cleaning brush, beauty bag and two year guarantee

The Remington EP5000 Epilator effectively removes unwanted hair, leaving you with smooth and silky results. It combines stylish design and innovative technology to help you achieve irresistibly touchable skin that lasts up to four weeks. And when the hair does grow back, it'll be softer, thinner and less noticeable than before.
The BodyCurve system ensures a comfortable fit against your skin

Total coverage with the BodyCurve System
The EP5000 epilator has a slim, rounded epilation head and curved tweezer barrel both specially designed to help it gently glide over all the contours and curves of your body. This close contact means it can tackle even difficult areas like knees and ankles with ease so you don't miss an inch of skin.
Removes even short stubble
It features 15 tweezers that can catch hairs as short as 0.5 millimetre (mm) in length so you don't have to have grow unsightly long stubble prior to using it. Maximum coverage is delivered thanks to the epilator's hair guides which channel even fine and short hairs into the tweezer discs plucking more hairs in one go for faster results.
Stylish and compact
With a stylish purple and white design with delicate floral detailing, the EP5000 looks good while delivering maximum performance. Its small and lightweight so using it isn't a heavy chore and it can be discreetly packed away in your wash bag when on your travels. It has a rounded shape that fits neatly and ergonomically in the palm of your hand, making it easy to use even for those new to epilating.

Two speed settings to suit all hair types
The EP5000 epilator has massaging skin stretchers fingers which work to reduce the sensation of pain during epilating and two speed settings to suit both fine and thick hair with the slower option recommended for sensitive areas. Use it corded for constant power or alternatively remove the cord for a usage time of up to 60 minutes.
The epilator comes as a full depilation package giving you all the kit needed. Included in the pack is an attachable stainless steel foil shaving head for areas not suitable for epilation that can be rinsed under the tap to clean; an exfoliating glove to help you slough off dead skin cells to reveal the glowing, healthy skin beneath; a cleaning brush for the epilating head and a beauty bag to neatly store everything in. It also comes with a two year guarantee.
Top tips for using your epilator
• If you are using an epilator for the first time, initially try it out on a small and less sensitive area (such as the lower leg) so you can get used to the process and sensation of epilating.
• While the EP5000 can remove hairs that are just 0.5 mm long, epilation is made easier and more comfortable when the hairs are at their optimum length of 2 to 5 mm in length.
• Similarly, soaking in a warm bath and exfoliating dead skin prior to epilating can also be of benefit. It makes the skin more pliant resulting in a smoother process.
• Try to epilate in the evening so that any redness can disappear overnight, leaving you free to show off your super smooth skin the following day.
• Use a body cream or soothing lotion after epilating to reduce any skin irritation that may occur.
• Regularly exfoliate, using an exfoliating glove or scrub, to avoid in-growing hairs developing.

Box Contents
• 1 x BodyCurve Epilator with 15 Tweezers
• 1 x Foil Shaving Head
• 1 x Cleaning Brush
• 1 x Instruction Manual
1 x International adapter
OUR PRICE @ RM 169 free Poslaju

Emjoi Optimini Epilator
(Faster, and more tweezer heads and more compact)

30 tweezer heads
Watch Video here:

Product Details:

With our high-RPM product capacity, coupled with the number of tweezers we have on each of our units, we can make claim to the HIGHEST TWEEZES PER MINUTE!
At High RPMs: 55,500
At Low RPMs: 47,500

The Emjoi OptiMini is an amazing total-body hair remover! Its distinctive epilation head has dual-opposed tweezers; and the dual-opposed epilation head holds the skin taut, to minimize pulling and discomfort. The Emjoi OptiMini is electrically operated (corded) and removes hair from the root anywhere on the body, leaving skin smooth for up to 6 weeks. Includes a travel case so you can bring it along when you're on the go.
• 30 tweezers mounted on dual-opposed heads remove hair quickly and effectively
• Removes hair from the root for long-lasting results – up to 4-6 weeks
• Hair re-growth is slower and finer than with shaving
• Contoured design holds the skin taut, to minimize pulling and discomfort
• Patented hair guides conveniently channel flat or short hair into the hair-removal discs
• May be used on the face (use one side of the epilation attachment), to remove hair from the upper lip and chin
• Removes hair from anywhere on the body
• Electrically operated (corded)
• Dimensions: 3" x 1" x 2"

OUR Price @ RM 239 with Poslaju


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