Potential Negative Outcomes of Masturbation for Men


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Masturbation is a much talked about topic for men, especially surrounding the potential harmful or positive effects.
It turns out that excessive masturbation can lead to several bad outcomes, but can be stopped by significantly decreasing the number of times a man does it. A masturbation addiction can mean up to five or more times a day, causing a person’s overall life to suffer. Here are three areas where masturbation can negatively affect a person’s life.
Higher chance of failure Addiction to masturbation can cause a person to not reach their potential in many areas of their day-to-day life. In addition it can produce memory loss, diminished concentration and make the person a big time procrastinator, which leads to potential mistakes at work and home.
Erectile Dysfunction Excessive masturbation can also lead to erectile dysfunction, which is when a man’s penis cannot become erect long enough to have sex. Sometimes, masturbating too much can cause this unfortunate result that can only be treated through medications, surgery, implants and penis pumps. Don’t put yourself in the situation where you have to take such drastic measures.
Marriage Problems If you are married and are masturbating many times a day you might see your marriage start to suffer. In particular, your ability to communicate properly, maintain a healthy relationship and raise your kids could prove daunting tasks. Don’t disrupt your marriage with the need to masturbate at any chance you get.


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