Beyonce's Hips anyone? Here comes the Hip Booster!

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Hi dearies!
We'd like to take this opportunity to wish all our Muslim customers/followers Happy fasting on this blessed month of Ramadhan.  

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Supermodel's Secrets
Hip hip Hurrah!
Say aye to the Hip Booster! Hip padded panty allows women to achieve  the hourglass figure so many women strive to have—hip pads are considered by some a noninvasive way to add feminine curves and it is the only way to enhance the hips as hips are the only area that is not possible for surgical enhancement unlike breasts, butt, nose etc. Soft foam pads are used to create an illusion of a fuller figure.
Now you can have Beyonce's figure with the Hip Booster panty. Transforms any boyish figure into voluptuous hourglass figure instantly.

Provides moderate visible hip extension.  Hip pockets located exactly where hips are supposed to be (not right below the waist or other weird places like most girdles).Hips are the only body part impossible to augment with surgery - here comes the Hip Enhancer.

Slimming your waist while rounding your hips
Increase the hip size to achieve a more curvaceous feminine appearance
Comfortable and confident

OUR PRICE @ RM 99 without shipping / RM 105 with shipping peninsular M'sia/ RM 108 Sabah Sarawak

Material:90% Nylon, 10% Spandex
Pads 100% Foam
Color: Beige
Size: S,M,L

-Remove pads from hip pockets before washing
-Handwash the pads as necessary
-Lay flat to dry
-Machine wash the underwear and hang to dry

This item is suitable for those with narrow hips, not suitable for those who are endowed with hips yeah. My mum tried it and worked well for her, better than me wearing it tho. I did try it and it did add hips to my frame but it did not bode well when i wore really tight dresses as I looked as though I had too much hips, it is more suited if i were to wear leggings beneath a top  to have a wider hip which gives an illusion of a smaller waistline.Mum however wore it with bodycon dresses and it looked nice. It is recommended that this is worn with our MyMagicButt as this hip panty is not padded at the rear end. We found that thos epadded at the rear end does not have a very nice shape on the foam pads at the rear end hence we opted for the hip padded ones only. Wear the MyMagicButt over the hip panty for better curves. The pads are quite thick about almost one inch thick and quality is pretty good. The tummy control bit is light, do not expect firm control like high end girdles yeah. just light to moderate control. 


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