Living the Dream?

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This August will see the launch of a brand new rock festival down in our neck of the woods; Devonrox at Powderham Castle near Exeter. The tickets include overnight camping.

It did get me wondering about the increase in more comfortable and up-market camping alternatives at the big festivals - for a mere £6,100 you can even rent a Buspimp Luxury Bus at Download this year, complete with its own hot tub and HD flatscreen TV.

At weekend festivals, you can easily tell the people who simply have 1 day passes rather than camping tickets - they're the ones who actually look good!

So, are people becoming more used to their creature comforts, becoming less keen on 'roughing it'? Surely the overflowing portaloos are part of the whole festival experience, aren't they? Well, perhaps, but, speaking from experience, they're far from the highlight of it. There are a lot of hard-core festival goers who would say it's all part and parcel, but wouldn't they want their own hot tub given the chance?

Personally, I'd take the hot tub, or, indeed, any kind of accommodation that means I can use my hair straighteners. The music is the heart of the festival after all: so plonk me into the middle of that sweaty, surging crowd in front of some top live bands, and I won't feel at all like I'm missing out on something as I fall asleep in my luxury festival accommodation!


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