Merry Beltane/Mayday

A long weekend once again for many, thanks to the combination of the Royal Wedding and Mayday bank-holiday. Yesterday, as some will know, was Beltane, and I hope those who celebrate it had an enjoyable time, lighting their fires. For myself, it was actually my birthday, so an enjoyable day of shopping and dinner with the family was had by us at the Blackavar household! I also don't need to be at work again for a couple of days, so more shopping and writing will be done to make good use of the time.

So here's hoping that May will be a good one for all- we have some interesting things coming up, events and the such (and who can forget that the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie is to be released on the 18th? I certainly am looking forward to that!) so lets hope this month will be an exciting one. Belated happy Beltane to all!


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