Corp Goths and Belly Dancing!

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Has everyone read the new EGL interview with Corp Goth Dethany Dendrobia? Go look see on our main site now if you haven't yet! As a corporate Goth herself (remember the Corporate Goth article from a few months back :3 ), Blackavar really enjoyed the piece and hopes she can find success in work, just like Dethany!

Today's rambling, however, is about...belly-dance!

About a year ago, Blackavar was sliding across a Goth-club dance floor when a fellow dancer complimented her on her style, telling her that her moves looked slinky and "belly-dancer-like". Having been quite interested in the likes of dancers such as Rachel Brice and Serpentine, and "Tribal Fusion" belly dance (which is quite appealing to Goths due in part to the elaborate costuming often favoured by the dancers), Blackavar found herself a class to join and has been shimmying ever since!

Belly dance is often thought of as sexy but originates from middle-eastern folk dances. The style Blackavar is learning is Egyptian, which differs from other types due to its earthy "downward" style (in Turkish, for example, the lifting of the hips is a bouncier, upward motion, but in Egyptian, the emphasis is towards the ground). There are various types of belly dance, but the style normally associated with the Goth scene is normally Tribal or Tribal Fusion (fusion indicating that it is fused with another dance form). While still very similar to traditional belly dance (still incoporating the famous hip and belly movements and the isolation of upper and lower body) Tribal tends to be less static, involves more arm movement and is generally much more intensive. Dancer Rachel Brice's performances are an excellent example of American Tribal and fusion, and Blackavar has been in awe of her ever since renting out Tribal Fusion Belly Dance on DVD!

Blackavar rather enjoys dressing as a "gothic gypsy" and while she still has a lot to learn, has noticed an improvement in her coordination and generally feels physically healthier too! Belly dance is not an intensive exercise, so don't expect to shed pounds while doing it, but it is good for the body and tones the muscles (especially in the abdomen). Anyone of any age can do it, and it's great fun! Blackavar found her fabulous teacher, Shunnareh, through an Internet search of local teachers - but YouTube and website Belly Dance Boulevard also have some great video tutorials and tips!


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