Hot Wheels


For just over a month, Keller and Madmut have been members of Somerset and Exeter Derby Girls (SXDG). The league currently has two teams; the Toytown Dolls in Taunton, Somerset and the Cherry Breakwells in Exeter, Devon, which is the team we are part of.

Today SXDG face opponents from the Cornwall Derby League in their very first bout, and EGL Magazine will be there to cheer them on and catch all the action.

Roller Derby is a relatively new and unheard of sport in the UK, although it is much better established over in America. The release of the movie Whip It brought wide recognition and interest to the sport with more people pulling on their skates.

We're still learning the basics, and it will be some time before we're ready for opponents (what with Keller still trying to stay on her feet!). While Madmut can't actually be part of the team, he can ref and, with the number of men practising with SXDG, there is talk of beginning a male derby team.

So keep an eye out for our upcoming roller derby coverage...


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