LUS S Line Body Slimming Glove - Raved by Korean celebs!

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Featured on THE STAR Newspaper 7th JULY 2011

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FEATURED N KOREAN TV and Used in Beauty Salons 
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(Anywhere you want to lose weight)

The new innovative 
3 in 1 treatment
Exfoliates(Smooth) Skin + Burns FAT + Firms Body
Slims Tummy, Thighs, hands

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Innovative S-line and V-line products demanded by Korean and raved by Korean celebrities! in 1 treatment to achieve slim and toned body (Effective exfoliation + Burning fats + Firms skin)

Achieve a firm and s-line body shape! Results vary from different person.

Convenient, effective and practical unique slimming glove for tummy, thigh and hand!

Exfoliation: Stimulating microcirculation and unclog pores to allow better absorption.
Firming and toning: Removes unsightly cellulite
Contouring: Slimming and Effective for burning of fats.

1.Exfoliating action: Use the glove with dotted surface by gently massaging in circular movements to activate blood circulation and exfoliation of dead skin. Do this on desired areas for approximately 3-5 minutes. The cream in the glove will activate a cooling sensation in this process.

2.Slim action: Use the glove with smooth surface by gently massaging in circular movements for the cream to absorb effectively. Do this on desired areas for approximately 3-5 minutes. Heating and intensive lifting sensation will activate around 10-15 minutes after this process.

3.Waste matter action: Reduces water retention and cellulite by the formula of this product.

Contains Bodyfit + Corum 9325 for effective anti-cellulite treatment

The magical glove that does it all :) Another new innovative Korean product that raved by many Korean celebrities: LUS S-line Body glove. It is a 3 in 1 treatment glove that performs effective exfoliating effect, burning fats as well as firming skin to the tummy, thigh and hand areas!

LUS S-line body glove features two (2) key and comprehensive anti-cellulite formulations which are the Bodyfit and Corum 9325. Bodyfit formula is used as anti-cellulite key ingredient for diet effect which has been by approved by the France authority while Corum 9325 is used for heating sensation effects for slimming the body.

Contains Gingko, Pumpkin, Caffeone, Pepper extract and Mineral salts.

Direction of use:
1) Slot hand into the glove with the dotted side facing out. (Exfoliating action)

2) Begin massaging with the dotted surface on the intended areas (tummy, thigh, arm) in circular motion for 3-5 minutes.

3) Following by that, take off the glove and flip into the other side with the smoother side facing out. (Slimming action)

4) Begin massaging using the smoother surface on the intended areas (tummy, thigh, arm) in circular motion for 3-5 minutes. Leave it n for 20 - 30minutes for the slimming ingredients to be absorbed and wash it off thereafter.

LUS S-Line Body Glove is a ready to use glove that soaks with essence. LUS S-line Body Glove contains the two different surface texture which
1) Dotted side to provide exfoliating funtion and
2) Smoother side to provide anti-cellulite treatment. It can be applied on dry skin after showering as a normal treatment and will give you the following effects:

LUS S-line Body Glove (BM translation)

Mengecilkan perut,lengan,paha,pinggul & pinggang menjadi lebih kecil ramping & langsing.

1. Merangsang pemecahan lemak tubuh
2. Mencegah terjadi penimbunan lemak
3. Meningkatkan metabolisme di bagian tubuh tertentu sehingga pembakaran lemak lebih optimal
4. Menghilangkan cairan berlebihan dan bahan buangan lainnya.
5. Melembabkan dan mengencangkan kulit
6. Mencegah selulit
7. Menghilangkan lemak yang tidak diinginkan di perut, bagian tepi dan belakang lengan, pinggul dan paha.
Featured on THE STAR Newspaper 7th JULY 2011
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