Revenant Dead Video Release and EP Download


To accompany the release of their latest single for download, Birmingham-based rock band Revenant Dead have posted a new video on their YouTube channel. A cover of the 1985 release 'Opportunities' by synthpop duo the Pet Shop Boys, the band have injected their own style into the track whilst maintaining the message about over-commercialisation and unwarranted greed.

Revenant Dead are a critics favourite, receiving accolades such as: "...high energy, almost like the best action scene in a movie." Metal Magdalene
"Revenant Dead make you proud to be British again." Loucifer Speaks Biography

Revenant Dead released their full-length CD 'Imperial Rape March' in September 2007 to outstanding reviews.
"Birmingham's Newest Metal Gods" Ultimate Guitar
"A promising debut from a band that clearly have massive potential..." Metal Discovery
"A ripping new metal band that for sure will rip the life out of all of our ears." Rock City News

In March 2010 they released their second CD, 'Two Evils' which enjoyed equal rave reviews.
"Basically, this whole album is just so damn good I don't think any of them are still in possession of their souls." EGL Magazine
"It is obvious they have soaked up...the world of metal’s heritage, before turning it into flavours to spice up their own taste of rock..." Rock Pulse Magazine
"I would highly recommend this one to anyone"
"...their songs are not only amazingly well written, but they are talented as musicians & artists..." Rock N' Roll Experience

You can download the band's current EP by visiting the site: or visiting and hitting 'Like'.


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