Brazillian Butt padded G string (SS Seasonals)

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USA Commercial
Brazillian secret is another brand in USA, this video is for demo purposes

Product Info:
Go from flat to curvy booty in second

Add dimension and lift the derriere naturally

Sexy, comfortable, invisible

This buttock enhancer is a one piece panty with foam butt padding built in. Designed to keep its shape. Just slip the padded panties on and you are ready to go. No need for additional inserts. Shape the way you look - Confident and Beautiful. Go from flat to curvy booty in second. Add dimension and lift the derriere naturally. Sexy, comfortable, invisible.
Sizes: S (Jeans size 24-27), M (Jeans size 28-30)
Color: Beige only
SS Personal Review:
This is the lowest rise compared to MymagicButt Standard and seamless - compare here  however this is not suitable for wearing with tight dresses. it is ok with jeans, or thicker material skirts/pants and goes well with shorts/hot pants. reason why it does not go well with dresses/attire with thin material that is fitting is because the curves tend to appear weirdly with those. Just my honest take. For very low rise jeans/pants, the standard MyMagicButt or seamless ones tend to show at the top part if your top is short. but this one is well concealed.


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