day 527 | december 1, 2011 | of destinations and festive deals

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excitedly sharing with you STP's destinations for 2012! if you're interested in doing a shoot in any of these locations, don't hesitate to buzz at

as a december quirky perk, STP is giving existing clients 25% off on coffee table book orders if they order between now and 20th of January, 2012. sharing images of a recently printed book for my family (something which was long overdue).
it was a surprise to have roo and red fascinated whenever they look at the photos. it brings me pride whenever roo flips through the pages, and goes "i remember this..." before launching onto full storytelling mode. red is soaking up her elder sister's happy memories. as roo explains to her friends, "it's a book about my mommy, my little sister, my daddy, and me. it's a book about my family, you know." (don't ask me where she got the cali accent.)
there's my little tyrant, reviewing the work i do at our messy home office. =) happy holidays folks! off to manila for a holiday with family and friends. =)


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