day 529 | december 25, 2011 | christmas cheer


we've got a full house this holiday. my mom and and my brother are in town and are doing a relaxed exploration of the spaces in singapore they didn't get explore before (universal studios!).
the kids loved their chrismas morning, opening presents and setting aside some which we weren't able to give in time for christmas day.
red seems to understand ownership now, and was very assertive in staking a claim over her gifts. =) the hubby gave me a nikon 70-200mm lens mug. love it!
roo was eager to model her new clothes (thanks jing!) and fairy wings, while red was a bit more reluctant (thanks for the shirt, nis!)
later on, the kids (including H) shot each other with nerf guns. red and i were the arms dealers, hoarding bullets and distributing to those we felt like giving to.
 we had a chance to try red's new shoes with a walk around the park
we sat down and watched the boys make merry fools of themselves, running around, and trying to get the kite to fly. the family beside us had their kite high in the air, while ours continued flopping to the ground. think we need to start reading up on technique. =)
 roo was bored, while red had strong opinions on what the boys should do
exhausted, we packed up and headed back home. perhaps in 2012, that kite will finally fly. =)
hope everyone's having meaningful celebrations!


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