Jolie Luo Yun (罗晓韵) from Chongqing, China


Name: Jolie Luo Yun (罗晓韵)
Height: 163 cm
Jolie Luo Yun (罗晓韵)About: Jolie Luo Yun (罗晓韵), is a talented pretty female photographer from Chongqing, China. She has her own photography company at the age of 25 with her other twin partner, Cherry. Jolie travels around the world alone and most of her photos were taken with the a tripod and "self-timer". She's such an artistic and inspiring photographer that gives the "self-timer" a whole new concept! Most of her photos captures her footprints around the world, including China, Japan, Spain, Greece, Britain, France and so on. Jolie is a nature-lover, a major in psychology and loves collecting cameras. Like many other reputable photographers, she too has bagged couple of awards such as France Ginkgo Tree Cup Award of Excellence, selected for Shanghai View Sixth International Photographic Art Exhibition, Eighth Canon Cup in China - "Asian style" Chinese competition and selected for the National Photographic Art Exhibition in 2007.

Recently, Jolie published a photography book about her self-timer techniques, the book is known as 《美女摄影师爱自拍:360度零死角的绝美自拍法》. Most of the time, she uses her Canon EOS 5D Mark II or a point-n-shoot (P&S) camera with her creative post-processing skills.
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