The Birthday Massacre Announce Release Date for Imaginary Monsters


Canadian band The Birthday Massacre have become one of the most popular scene-related bands of the past decade with their energetic mix of eighties-electronica, aggressive guitar riffs and catchy, lyrical melodies, accompanied by mesmerizing visual concepts and an impressive stage presence.

The band’s new EP 'Imaginary Monsters', promises to be full of teenage angst, daily horrors and the proverbial monsters under your bed contained in three irresistible, new alt-pop-epics, delicately skipping the boundaries between gothic, metal and new wave.

Furthermore, five bands - SKOLD, Combichrist, Tweaker, Assemblage 23, and Kevvy Mental & Dave Ogilvie - have been invited to develop their own perspective on the group’s songs and deliver their own highly creative and club-compatible spins on classic tracks from The Birthday Massacre.

As a special bonus, the EP also contains a data track with a HD-resolution version of the elaborate video for 'In The Dark'.

'Imaginary Monsters' will be released on August 15th via Out Of Line Music. You can find out more about The Birthday Massacre on their website:


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