day 520 | october 23, 2011 | little pieces of magic


it started with a sunrise like this. sunday — and a no-shoot and no-helper day for me, so we decided to bring the kids out for a little adventure. H got himself a kite that's supposed to fly easy, and it was a great morning to test it out.
roo just got her new spectacles to correct her 300 astigmatism. eek. she's still quite shy wearing them, but i think the look is fab on her!
 red is always amused by her big sisters' antics. =)
H tries prepares the kite, roo pretends to read the instructions, and red is wondering what in the world is going on...
 the kids watch on supportively in VIP seats as H and I wear ourselves out trying to get the kite to fly!
bridgeway to brunch. red can walk on her own now, and she insisted on stopping over by the railing to look at the creek.
red also likes pushing her big sister around. the big ones want to be little again, while the little ones are in a hurry to grow up...
happy weekend! (and no, the kite never flew!). =)


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