Dracula - in all his forms!


Well, its that time of the year again! October is here, plans for Halloween/Samhain are well under way, and Autumn is upon us. Of course, most of us are subject to an unseasonal, albeit lovely little Indian summer at the moment, and apparently this will cause some plants to flower for a second time and give us an even more colourful autumn this year! Autumn has always been a wonderful time of the year for me, and I hope we have another lovely one this year also!

I've recently finished reading Kim Newman's "Anno Dracula"; its a fantastic "alternative history" book that any Dracula fan would enjoy. I urge all vamp-fans to give this one a shot if they haven't already. I only regret reading it too quickly...it was all over too soon! Long story short, basically imagine what might have happened if Dracula had not been defeated by Van Helsing and co, and we're introduced a vampire boom in a new Victorian England. Throw in some political satire and a twist on the Jack-the-Ripper murders, and you have yourself a very clever read. In addition to this, I've been re-reading some other vampire favourites at the moment, including Elizabeth Kostova's "The Historian". Thats another one for Dracula fans, although its by no means a light read. This particular novel follows some historians on the path of Vlad Tepes, who may or may not be truly un-dead. Its rather heavy-going but if you stick with it, its quite rewarding!

And on the subject of vampires...has anyone heard of these new toys called Monster High? I have a feeling its about to become my new guilty pleasure! I kinda wish they'd had these dolls around when I was a kid, seems more fun then Barbie! They're all based on horror movie monsters like vampires, mummies and werewolves, and they are awfully cute. My friend has been joking that she's going to buy me Draculaura for Christmas and a part of me secretly would be very glad if she did! (The child in me still loves receiving toys for Christmas!) The only downside is if it ends up becoming my new nickname...my real name is no real secret, and you can probably guess it now if you didn't know before!

Well maybe these toys will spark a whole new generation of young gothlings!

Not sure of plans for Halloween yet, but I really want to dress as the Masque of the Red Death this year...a bit different to the bog-standard Crow! What has everyone else got planned for Halloween/Samhain this year? Comment and share! (And give me ideas, haha!)


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