day 539 | november 27, 2011 | heartiness - family and lifestyle photography


the best shoots for me are when my clients forget i'm there, and behave as if i'm just there to play and not there to take photos. this would have to be one of my favorite shoots for 2011 because of the unadulterated organic heartiness. i love the crying shots as much as (if not more than) the smiley shots.
part-kiwi and part-turkish, the genetic mix works out because both I and E are beautiful and happy children. mom and dad met during the indonesia tsunami relief efforts — and i do think their parents' love story will be something inspiring and good that the little ones will carry along with them as they grow older. i remember imagining the possibility of meeting my special someone during one of my volunteer projects, but that wasn't quite my path. =)
love it when siblings play well together. =)
happy images. hope this inspires you to do something fun with the little ones today. =) happy sunday!


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