day 541 | december 29, 2011 | lane and youqing - singapore wedding photography


had a fun shoot at the poly where Y tutored L on their circuit analysis class. i do love the nostalgia of shooting in a school, and it was even more hilarious that we bumped into one of their professors who couldn't believe that they were going to get married. =)
they were so light and easy to work with, and despite my cough and household help issues, i had a super fun time shooting their story for them. one of their favorite hang-outs is changi broadwalk where they spent a lot of time getting to know each other. we had a run with muffin, their lovely companion who refused to stop running around as soon as he is let go.
for our final set, we dropped by a cozy vintage restaurant to re-enact their proposal, play around with japanese lanterns, and soak up the pretty trinkets. =)
the wedding date is still later this year, so will keep the rest of the images til then. sharing some teasers for now. enjoy and happy saturday!


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