day 542 | january 1, 2012 | of health lucks and turning points


roo, red and i have been having health woes for a while now, and the house has been a mini-pharmacy after consulting multiple doctors on our recurring cough and tummy conditions over the past 6 months. it's bad enough to be sick yourself; but as a mother, having your little ones unwell is a much bigger concern. as some already know, we spent our new year warded in the hospital, all three girls on the drip with one lone boy as our caretaker. hats off to the hubby for keeping strong and steady for us, as i was virtually useless in my recovery. 
despite the sickness though, the kids' spirits are not diminished. still active and cheeky as ever, they can negotiate discipline terms and snack rations with me in between coughs and drippy noses. one thing i'm really happy about these past few days is that the last round of antibiotics and medication seem to have kicked off the infection completely (fingers crossed). that and we have a new lifesaver who allows me the space and time to take care of myself too.  =) now, i only wish i ran on the same type of the batteries the little ones are running on.
these months of constantly getting sick are a painful lesson to listen to your body, and to listen well. the kids are all back to normal, i'm feeling bouncier than ever, and i've never appreciated being in the pink of health as much as now. i need to remember not to take the little things for granted. i usually ignore "little conditions" and "tiny aches" dismissing it with coffee, salon pas, or panadol. and this time, it ended up becoming a half year recurrence. nothing beats adequate rest, plenty of fluids, and listening to your body. tacking this on my noticeboard and fingers crossed that that is the end of that story. 


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