day 536 | december 1, 2011 | deck the halls - family and lifestyle photography


not my first time to shoot little ryley, i was surprised to find him in a sour-ish mood the morning of this session. perhaps it's because we hadn't seen each other for a while and i was this strange woman to him yet again. it was a good thing he loved treats, and that i was carrying some with me. =)
they really went all out with decorating the house for christmas; a tall christmas tree, little santas manning the corners and socks hanging all over the place. (super backlogged post.) =)
found a red santa bag which i thought was a great fit for little ryley. =) he was apprehensive at first, but he did enjoy it when we finally bagged him.
 we managed to get him to cooperate for some family shots with the help of some berry bliss.
 to get genuine smiles, we engaged what he enjoys doing. he loves going under the table...
sticking his tongue out and hanging upside down. =)


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