Jen & Bob's Engagement Session

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Jen and Bob are a wonderful, loving couple, not to mention attractive!
We ventured out on Saturday to take some engagement pictures for their save the dates.
It appeared to be very lovely outside, bright blue sky and the sun was shining! Well, that's how it appeared from my warm vehicle. Once outdoors, it was really very windy, but then again we were on a ridgetop and it is January.
Jen was extremely brave without her mittens, brrr!
We got some fun shots and I learned two important lessions. First, always bring your camera's user manual (for those freak malfunctions that sometimes occur). And second of all, invest in a good waterproof mascara! By the time I got back to my warm car, I literally looked like a racoon, lol!
Life wouldn't be worth living if we weren't learning lessons as we go!


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