day 543 | february 14, 2012 | happy hearts' day!


had a playful quick shoot with roo, red and H. roo wanted to create cutouts and stick them all over the wall, while red was in a painting mood. so i tried to accomodate both. wanted a family shoot that was as candid as we could make it (candid is difficult when you're shooting yourself!), and had an art project feel -- which reflects stuff that roo and i enjoy. didn't originally intend for the background to be orange, but red already poured the orange paint all over our canvas, and roo and i had already stuck plenty of hearts on it, so we let it be. it kinda works out. =)
later on, H and i played around with bokeh. i've seen several photos with interesting shaped bokehs and i always wondered how they did it. finally had the chance to try it here. =)

some helpful links for those who want to try this:

happy heart's day!


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