day 544 | january 7, 2012 | brian and zhongqi - singapore wedding photography


STPs first wedding of the year. i found it cute that B+Z wore cheeky red converse chucks paired with traditional bridal attire. they kept the celebrations as light and breezy as possible, preparing early and mingling with their guests as they waited for the solemnization and reception. sweet and thoughtful gestures are the things that define this wedding for me.
they gave a flower to every female guest they had. the kids had lots of fun with it.
smiles and laughter during the tea ceremony
the solemnization was held in the ballroom, right before the reception.
right after their "i do's", B+Z offered flowers and heartfelt thank you's to their moms. love the surprise and happy expressions on their moms' faces.
friends surprised the couple by asking them to the stage to re-enact a few hollywood couple poses. =)
as usual, i got to play a bit with the kids at the reception.
there were several couples in their family who i thought were inspirations, still affectionate and sporting teenagery smiles when they look at each other. these two are one of my favorites. =)
after the reception, i snuck my couple away for some portraits. love the 'mobility' that the chucks afforded Z. sometimes, heels just get in the way of fun. =)
some quirkiness before we wrapped up for the day. =)


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