Lee Jun-ki absolved from military, faces delving » Gossip

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Lee Jun-ki absolved from military, faces delving » Gossip
Lee Jun Ki

Popular Korean amateur and accompanist Lee Jun Ki was appear from the Korean aggressive today afterwards commutual his assignment for about two years.

Lee Jun Ki was met by hundreds of his admirers and the media alfresco the aggressive affected in Yongsan, Seoul.

He enlisted in the aggressive on May 3, 2010 and served at the military’s accessible relations office.

Even afore he was discharged, the brilliant is already appointed to do activities in Korea and Japan.

At 3 p.m. today, Lee Jun Ki will accommodated his admirers at Seoul Sang Myeong Art Hall in an accident alleged “Reunion JG.”

However, Lee Jun Ki’s aggressive account was attenuated with altercation afterwards letters said that he recorded a song while on alive aggressive duty.

The letters said the amateur recorded a song blue-blooded “Deucer” that will be appear in Japan on March 16.

A antecedent from the aggressive said it was bent for Lee Jun Ki to do clandestine activities involving his career while confined in the military.

Because of this, the aggressive is investigating the amount to see if the amateur abandoned rules.

Next month, Lee Jun Ki will authority fan meets in Japan. He will be in Nagoya on March 16, Yokohama on March 18 and Osaka on March 19.

He starred in several Korean dramas including “Drama City” in 2004, “My Girl” in 2005, “101st Proposal” in 2006 and “Iljimae” in 2008.


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