Gua Ah Lei Gets Bathetic Eyed About Feng Fei Fei » Gossip

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Gua Ah Lei Gets Bathetic Eyed About Feng Fei Fei » Gossip

Director Ang Lee's archetypal blur EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN 19 years afterwards yielded a Tsao Jui-Yuan directed assiduity JOYFUL REUNION, which arrive Gua Ah Lei to star. This blur alternate in the 62nd Berlin Blur Festival as the closing blur of the Culinary Cinema Blur and Food segment. Two nights ago administrator Tsao Jui-Yuan led actors Gua Ah Lei, Lan Cheng-Long and others to Berlin from Taiwan.

For the assiduity afterwards 19 years, the alone amateur who remained was Gua Ah Lei. She in the blur played Lan Cheng-Long's mother, an all-embracing chic dancer. For the continuation, Gua Ah Lei acicular out that she reprised the role due to the centralized changes and appearance of life. In accession she acclimated to accept a dream of dance. This time she spent a lot of time on convenance and had a lot of fun during the shoot.

Speaking of Feng Fei Fei's passing, Gua Ah Lei who has formed with her was bathetic eyed. She accepted that she absent her. She said that Feng Fei Fei was a actual familiar, nice babe of few words.


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