Jerry Yan witnessed anatomy double's abatement » Gossip


Jerry Yan witnessed anatomy double's abatement » Gossip
Jerry Yan

The stuntman was rushed to the hospital immediately

Taiwanese amateur Jerry Yan had planned on alone cutting a angry arena for his accessible fresh cine Scarlet recently.

However, as the arena appropriate abounding boxy stunts like aback and ancillary flips, a stuntman took his place. Unfortunately during filming, the assurance wire airtight and the stuntman fell from two-storey high.

The stuntman was again rushed to a adjacent hospital and was auspiciously not acutely injured.

Jerry, who witnessed the abatement of his anatomy double, recalled, "It'd be me that fall, if the wire had airtight a little later."

This is not the aboriginal time that injuries accept happened on set.

During aggressive art convenance afore the filming commenced, Jerry had blood-soaked his appropriate basis finger. And aloof a ages ago, the amateur suffered from a bloated face back filming for a arena in which he fell into water.

When asked if the film's ambassador wants to abide with the amateur assuming stunts personally, she said, "[Jerry Yan] not often acclimated a anatomy double, but we wouldn't let him do any alarming scenes."

Jerry has back bidding that he affairs to adjure for his assurance and the abundance of his achievement double.


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